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Every course at is co-developed with solar industry professionals who can package their years of expertise and deliver it to a global audience through our online courses.

We are constantly looking to widen our network of high-quality professionals who are capable and willing to design a course in solar energy and make a personal difference.

All you have to do is pitch a short online course to us whose expertise you have and our team will co-develop it with you.

Why teach with

Paid freelancing opportunity

Teach remotely from the comfort of your house, from any city in the world

Easy to balance workload

Build a personal brand that is recognized by candidates around the world

Professional assistance by the team at to build a professional and high quality course

Minimum qualifications

  • Industry essential educational qualifications
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience in the solar industry
  • Experience in dealing with multi-MW projects
  • Knowledge of international markets and standards
  • Fluency in English
  • You have past teaching experience (Optional)
  • You have the expertise in developing courses (Optional)
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This is a paid freelancing opportunity and not a full-time job.
After reviewing your application, a concerned representative will
follow-up with you for a telephonic interview.
The duration, method of delivery, and other elements about the
course can be discussed after your application is selected.