Unparalleled, Immersive
and Personal

A learning experience that weaves together technology,
expertise and you.

Seamless Learning

Feel at a classroom, wherever you are. With an integrated chat facility, clear your doubts instantly on a real time basis.

Global Network

Engage with candidates across borders to discover and exploit insane opportunities and possibilities.

Interactive Software

It’s a LIVE software created to enable e-learning. Make the most of the experience you want with the learning you need.

#1 A Seamless
On-Boarding Process

A process that eliminates uncertainty and offers a personalized experience.

Make payments over a secure payment gateway.

Receive class access and stay updated directly through WhatsApp.

Make the most of your Personal Support Executive.

Enjoy a single window assistance - every single time. No chat bots or IVR.

#2 The Personal
In-Class Experience

An end-to-end learning experience. No grey areas.

Learn from expert instructors with years of on-field experience.

Access your 8-9 hour in-class learning accessible on any device and any city.*

Discuss and solve case studies and projects.

Have candid interactions with the instructor and candidates through a chat facility and polls.

Learn from an in-software whiteboard to understand graphs, diagrams and formulae based on the subject of the course. 

Learn from in-house designed documents, videos, 3D models and other tools based on the subject of the course.

Receive real-time Support Team Assistance during the class.

Download the reading material used during the course. 

#3 An Assistive
After-Class Affair

A follow-up designed to ensure that you have all you need and want.

Receive online access to the class video recordings for 7 days!

Receive offline support with the instructors and get your doubts cleared until you complete your exams.

Earn a Certificate of Completion upon passing the online examination and assignment.

Receive a curated feedback from the instructor on your assignment and take corrective measures.

Don't just take our word

Benchmark Courses,
designed for you.
By you.

In a constantly evolving world, education needs to evolve as well. Share your ideas about subjects, topics, and developments and help us create the best learning experience for you.

We’re more than happy to help you!

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