LIVE Online Class – Advanced understanding and Applications of PVSyst

This is an advanced level course. Students are required to have basic knowledge of PVSyst prior to enrolling into this course. Enrol in a PVsyst for beginners course by clicking here

What is a Virtual Classroom?

A LIVE online classroom is a LIVE video stream between students and expert professors of the industry, from all across the world. The software, that is created to enable E-learning, is an easy-to-use online platform that allows you to learn various subjects from the comfort of your homes, colleges or offices.
Our instructors, who are industry experts, break down the topic using PDFs, presentations, online 3D Models and other tools, allowing the students to grasp the subjects clearly and effectively.

Features of this classroom

  • Live sessions with expert instructors.
  • In-class chat facility to interact and ask questions.
  • Ask queries to the instructor directly via Private Chats during the live session.
  • Answer polls and quizzes.
  • White-board facility to allow the instructors to explain using diagrams and graphs.
  • In-class technical assistance.

Why become a Solar Designer?

Design experts are in great demand in the market today as the solar PV market is developing at a rapid pace. As the government sets newer and bigger goals by the day, PV designing is playing an important role in achieving these goals in the most efficient manner possible.
This course intends to offer you a great learning experience, with our industry experts teaching you everything you need to know about the software to design PVs.

What is PVSyst?

The Software used in this virtual classroom PVsyst is designed to be used by architects, engineers, and researchers to design a powerful solar photovoltaic system.
PVsyst is able to import meteo (weather) data, as well as personal data from many different sources making it one of the most reliable solar design software.

Course Timings

Day 1
30th August 2019

Day 2
31st August 2019

Day 3
1st Sept 2019

What’s included in the course fee?

  • Live online classroom with an instructor who is an industry expert.
  • 8-9 hours training of classroom learning.
  • Learn from any city in the world from the convenience of your home, college or office.
  • Class video recordings for 7 days.
  • Online examination and Certificate of Completion.
  • Raise doubts and queries during the session.
  • Extended instructor support.
  • Personal customer support assistance.
  • Learn from any device.
  • Build a National and International network

How should you prepare for this class?

  • Install the latest version of PVSyst by clicking here
  • Use headsets, or earphones to ensure a smooth experience.

Instructor Profile

Mr. Shalve Mohile, your instructor for this course, is a freelance solar PV design engineer with an experience of over 5 years in designing and building solar projects, with various system configurations including on-grid, off-grid and micro-grid systems.
With expertise over PVSyst, Helioscope, Aurora and AutoCAD, Mr. Shalve has previously worked as a design engineer with companies like Tata Power and the Ravin Group. As a freelance design engineer and consultant, he works with clients across India, Australia, US and Germany and is also an experienced trainer in the field.

Course Reviews

Course Syllabus

Day 1
  • Simulating system configuration with multiple sub-arrays and inverters.
  • Simulation using Seasonal Tilt arrangement.
  • Simulation using Single Axis Tracking systems.
  • Creating a 3D scene for all of the above using a case study.
  • Evaluating the differences between the generations for the three systems.
Day 2
  • Use of Optimization tools to optimize/fine-tune the power plant.
  • Understanding and generation of P50/P90 reports.
  • Understanding and simulation with Grid constraints- Active Power Limitation/Power Factor Limitation
  • Simulation using Bi-facial modules.
  • Interval data/8760 Report generation and analysis.
Day 3
  • 3D Modelling with greater details and defining strings.
  • Modeling for self-consumption and storage.
  • Financial analysis - CAPEX and OPEX proposals.
  • Any special cases to be discussed upon the request of the candidates

A certificate of completion would be provided by Reojob at the end of the course. The certificate is provided only after the successful completion of the final assignment. 

Language the course is taught in: English

Usage of audio-visual aid:

Study material:
Complete class recording provided.
Basic study material will be provided to you by the institute. We recommend carrying a book and a pen while attending this course to ensure effective notetaking.
The Instructor may allow you to connect to him directly. However, you can request their details by sending us a mail on
Read our Cancellation and Refund Policy here.

Candidates looking to book multiple seats can get in touch with the Support Team for the best deals and prices available.

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Date: 30th Aug to 1st Sept
Duration: 3 Hours/Day
Level: Advanced
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