Detailed Electrical Design of Solar Power Plants (DC/AC)

About the Course

With the professional understanding of PVSyst/Helioscope in your bag, you are now equipped to create a fantastic sales pitch for your potential clients and you will most likely bag that order too.
But what’s next? The job of a solar engineer is not over yet! Once you receive that order, you will need to detail the potential solar plant. You will need to create a Bill of Material, create Build-to print drawings for your installation team, and more.
To detail the plant, solar engineers must train to be able to design and calculate all the important aspects of the solar plant such as modules, inverters, cables, circuit breakers, isolators, SPDs, earthing systems, and lightning arrestor systems. This DC/AC Electrical Design course along with our AutoCAD course[Upcoming], will enable you as a solar engineer to become a complete package. Someone who can handle a solar project from Enquiry to Execution.
This online course on electrical design will teach you how to design the DC/AC side of the solar plant, post which you can physically go and construct the solar plant.

For your ease of understanding, this online course has been broken down into 8 modules:

  • Solar panels and their specifications
  • Solar inverters and MPPT functionality
  • DC Side Electrical Design
  • AC Side Electrical Design
  • Single Line Diagrams[SLD]
  • High Voltage Design Consideration
  • Earthing System Consideration
  • Lightning Arrestors

This course is right for you, if

  1. You are aware of the basics of solar energy and solar sizing
  2. You have the basic knowledge of Voltage, Current, Three-Phase power/Single Phase Power

What can you do after taking this online course?

  1. Design and spec the electrical side of the Solar PV System
  2. Prepare a detailed Bill of Material for your project
  3. Prepare an SLD for local approvals
  4. Verify the electrical designs from your contractor/installer

Learning Resources

  1. 12 hours+ of video learning content
  2. Access to the course videos for 45 days
  3. Downloadable PDFs and Exercise Excel Sheets
  4. 45 days access to the instructor for all doubts and queries



Learning through
real-life case studies


Insights into international
best practices


Provision of design
sheets for easy calculations

Instructor Profile

Mr. Shalve Mohile, your instructor for this online course, is a freelance solar design engineer with an experience of over 7 years in designing and building solar projects, with various system configurations including on-grid, off-grid, and micro-grid solar energy systems.
With expertise over PVSyst, Helioscope, Aurora, and AutoCAD, Mr. Shalve has previously worked as a solar design engineer with companies like Tata Power and the Ravin Group. As a solar design consultant, he works with clients across India, Australia, the US and Germany and is also an experienced trainer in the field.

Course Reviews

Course Syllabus

Module 1 : Solar panels and their specifications
  • I-V curve of a PV Module
  • Voc
  • Vmp
  • Isc
  • Imp
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Module selection
  • How to read a module datasheet
Module 2 : Solar inverters and MPPT functionality
  • Understanding the functionality of a solar inverter
  • Internal schematics of a solar inverter
  • MPPT and it's working
  • Inverter selection
  • How to read an inverter datasheet
Module 3 : DC Side Design
  • String size calculation
  • Cabling design and calculation
  • Isolator/Circuit breaker selection and calculation
  • Combiner box selection
  • Working and selection of Surge Protection Device (SPD)
  • Understanding the DC Side connections
Module 4 : AC Side Design
  • Cabling design and calculation
  • Isolator/Circuit breaker selection and calculation
  • Solar DB selection
  • Working and selection of Surge Protection Device (SPD)
  • Locating the Point of Evacuation(POE)
  • Understanding the AC Side Connection
Module 5 : Single Line Diagrams[SLD]
  • Develop and detail Single Line Diagrams [SLD]
  • Commonly followed nomenclature of Single Line Diagrams [SLD]
  • Details to be put on the SLD
Module 6 : High Voltage Design Consideration
  • Need For High Voltage
  • Various Components in High Voltage
  1. Transformer
  2. Circuit Breaker
  • Need and schematics of Ring Main Unit
  • Considerations in High Voltage Designs
  • Schematics of High Voltage Side
Module 7 : Earthing Systems
  • Need for earthing systems
  • Design of an earthing system for the plant
  • Drawing earthing system on SLDs
Module 8 : Lightning Arrestors
  • Need for Lightning Arrestor
  • Different Types of Lightning Arrestors
  1. Spike type
  2. Early streamer type
  • Selection of Lightning Arrestor
  • Drawing Lightning Arrestor on the system drawings
Language: English

Usage of audio-visual aid:

Study material:
Reading material and class recordings provided.
Upon placing your order, you will be contacted by our Support Executive to help you complete the booking. The payment will be made over Razorpay - our payment gateway partner. All national and international cards are accepted.
You will have online access to the class video recordings for a period of 45 days. These videos are not downloadable. After the examination, you may access the class recordings on an on-demand basis.
After completing the in-class learning, you will have 7-10 days to revise the course material through the documents and class recordings provided.

Post which, you will have 3 days` time to complete a 60 minute Online Test and submit a solved Case Study Assignment. The evaluation of the same will take 5-7 working days and results will be announced shortly after.
Yes. Upon successfully clearing the Online Test and Case Study Assignment, all candidates are awarded a Reojob Certificate of Completion.
If you have attempted both [Online Test and the Case Study Assignment] and have failed to clear either of the two, you will receive a seat in the next batch of the course, at no additional cost, to allow you to learn better.
After the in-class experience, the instructor will be available to clear your doubts and concerns over chat and mail until you complete your examination. We also schedule phone calls with the instructors on request.
Read our Cancellation and Refund Policy here.

This course is NOT

  1. A simple demonstration of the software.
  2. All theory and no practicals.
  3. Surface level information as covered elsewhere on Youtube, Udemy, or other institutes. 

This course IS

  1. A 100% professional course. It has been taken up by not just freshers but also solar industry veterans with more than 8-10 years of experience. 
  2. Full of case studies, actionable insights and real-life examples
  3. Covers an analytical understanding of everything in the syllabus. 
  4. Designed and approved by industry professionals as the most accurate and helpful resource

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